Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Challenge #1:

Play with the Makey Makey.  Report what you do/make on your blog.

Challenge #2:

Get 200 total points on Code Avenger.

Challenge #3:

1. Create a folder in google drive.  Name it "Web Apps". Create a new google form in your folder.  Name it "Challenge #3".  Some help if you need it is here.

2. Write questions that will elicit feedback about your blog so you can improve it.  You should decide:
  • What demographic information to collect (age, gender, etc...).
  • How many questions should you ask?  Too few questions and you don't get good feedback, too many questions and people get annoyed.
  • What format for the questions gives you the best feedback (paragraphs, check boxes, dropdown menu)?
  • What do you want to know?  What do people want to hear about?
3. Post a link to the "live form" on your blog.  Get responses from at least 5 people.  

Challenge #4:

1. Write a formal business letter to Mr. Lungarini requesting he read your blog.  This letter should:
  • Demonstrate proper formatting.
  • Include no typos.  
  • Be convincing. Mr. Lungarini is a busy guy and values his time.
  • Let him know how to find the blog.
2. Include a signature.  If you save your drawing you can use it again.  Hint: scribble.
3. Be sure the document is in your shared folder.  Name it "Challenge #4".  Print out letter and hand to Mr. Schneider.

Challenge #4:

1. Create a google spreadsheet where you track the answer to the Google A Day.  Name it "Google Puzzle".

2.  Include columns for Date, Topic, Answer, Time taken.

3. Do the puzzle, record results.  Save in folder.

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