Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mondays Work

1. Please get to 100 points in Javascript and HTML in CodeAvengers.

2. Play with the Makey Makey.

3. Organize your Fireworks folder.  I want ten completed tutorials in the folder.  If you need to complete more please click this link.  Check the left hand column for Image Effects.

4.  On your blog please answer one of the following questions.  Your answer should include video or images and links.  Be sure to share it with the class community.

  • If you were an expert in code what would you want to make?  Why?
  • What class (besides this one) that you take could/should be taught online?  Why?  What are the pros and cons of online classes?
5. Make constructive comments on your classmates blog.  Check out how first graders make comments.  
6. I will assess if you learned the google search hints.  
  • Can you make a countdown timer?
  • Can you find out what time it is NOW?
  • Can you use as a calculator?

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