Monday, February 10, 2014

Who is He?

For several years I have been working with student teachers in Canada.  They have observed our lessons, commented on blogs, and generally been part of class for a few weeks.  One of these students will be working with us.

His name is Donovan Florek and he goes to the University of Regina.  He has a blog.

So we are going to find out some answers as a google review activity.  Find answers to each of these and post in an entry in your blog.  Each answer should contain a link, image, or video.  All of these answers require some thinking.  You should demonstrate that you can search effectively, process the information you find, select the best sources, and write about what you find in an interesting manner **using links**.

I guarantee he will be reading your answers.  Much of his class may read your answers as well.  Write smart.  If a comment is made on your blog, please respond.

1. Mr. Florek studies at the University of Regina.  Where is this school?  Find it in google earth. 
2. If he had to fly to New York which airport would he likely fly out of?
3. Mr Florek likes golf, but he doesn't have a lot of money.  Where should he play?  When do you think "opening day" for golf in Regina is?
4. If live in Regina which NHL hockey team are you most likely to root for? 
5. If you lived in Regina and you wanted to take your wife out to dinner where would she want to go?
6. If Mr. Florek wanted to see a movie tonight where would he go?
7. If Mr. Florek only had $10 in Canadian dollars would that be enough to buy a movie ticket?
8. Is Regina colder or warmer than Seymour?  Show the math.

Double and triple check that you complete this correctly (with links!!) on your blog.  Be sure to post to Google+ community.


When you complete exercise I will grade (first time grading!!):

1. Blog entries.
2. Fireworks folder.
3. Code Avengers.

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