Thursday, January 30, 2014

Today's Challenge

Challenge #1: 

Complete today's Google A Day.

  • Do you know some tricks for Google Searching?
  • Can you start a countdown clock using google search box?
  • Can you convert 30ft to meters using google search box?
Challenge #2:


We are going to work on coding.  If you have taken Web Design this will be review.  If not, it will be new.

Please go to Code Avengers site and create an account.  Mr. Oberdick has recommended this site for us.  Some of you may have used Code Academy last year. 

Have your CodeName be your First Name and Last initial.  Remember to use your professional email.

When in the account...

Linking Students to Teachers

  1. Click the Menu button in the top left, then Settings
  2. Enter the teacher's email address in the Teacher's email ( box
  3. Click Save Changes to complete the setup
We will work at our own pace throughout the class.  Start wherever you want.  I suggest you work with your partner so you can solve some of the puzzles together.
Challenge #3:
Complete three additional Fireworks tutorials.
  • Be sure to save completed projects in your Fireworks folder.
  • Try to work with your partner.
Challenge #4:

Make additional changes to your blog (I realize some of you are blocked at school--do it at home).
  • Update the layout.
  • Check your clustrmap
  • Check Google+ and read/comment on classmates blogs.

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