Monday, January 27, 2014

Blogging Platform

Today we will set-up our blogs:

1. Go to your SeymourSchools Google Account.
2. Click the boxes, go to Blogger.
3. Create a blog (we will discuss).  This is a professional blog.
4. Go to settings.  Enable Google+ comments.
5. Make it pretty.  

1. Blogging:

  • We will discuss digital footprints and blogging code of ethics.
  • We will log-in to our blogs and make our first post.  Share the post with the Google+ Class community (I'm not sure how this will work yet...)
  • Next, we will leave a comment on a classmates blog, using the proper procedure.  Make the comment in Google+.
  • Much of today is us figuring out the Google+ to blogger integration.
2. Next you will complete the typing test
  • Put your score in your blog (be honest!) and see if it improves later. 
  • Don't say "I took a typing test". Say "I took a typing test". 
  • Demonstrate that you know how to code a link.
3. You will then learn how to put a clustrmap on your blog. 
  • Communication and Collaboration is our 2nd standard. We use the clustrmap to collect data about how well our message gets out.
  • Go to the Get One page.
  • Complete the form. Be sure to use the correct web address for your blog. If you do not have an email to submit this will not work.
  • The password will come to your email.
  • Submit password on clustrmap page. They will then give you a long code that you copy.
  • Go to your blog, log-in and open the control panel. 
  • Click Layout
  • Click Add a Gadget
  • Click "HTML Script"
  • Add embed code that you copied.  
  • Your clustrmap should appear on your blog.
4. Add some other widgets?  Remember, this is a professional blog.

5. You can also check out meez if you want to add an avatar to your site . You could also try What image do you want to portray to the world?  These codes go in the sidebar as an additional HTML script.

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

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