Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Images and Fireworks

Things that should be done:

  • Your Blogger blog is created
  • You made your first post (typing test)
  • Clustrmap on blog
  • In Google+ community

This class we will work on Fireworks tutorials.  Whether this is new or review I would like all to do the same work to start.  You should move straight down the "image effects" category.  Then move to the other categories.  This is sandbox time today.  Create a fireworks folder to save all of your work.  Everything you do should be named, saved, and put in a folder.

This program is a bit outdated.  Sometimes the buttons have moved from where they state in the directions.  Figure it out.

Everyone must complete (at least):

  • A few hints:
    • Read the directions.  If you call me over I will just read the directions for you.  Take your time.
    • Choose photographs from Clipart that are high quality and appropriate for the task you are trying to complete.  Some photographs do not work very well in some tutorials.
    • Save and label everything you work on in a Fireworks folder in your WDrive.
    • Help your classmates.
    If you finish please start on the text tutorials. 

    **When done create a blog post that describes your learning today.  Be sure to include links to relevant tutorials.

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