Sunday, January 19, 2014



Things to do:

1.  Establish a school Google account.  Many of you already have one.   If you do not have a SCHOOL google account please follow this procedure:

  • Head to
  • Click Sign IN
  • Your Username is same as computer log-in PLUS address
  • Initial Password is seymourschools
  • Immediately update your password to your lunch code
  • This is your school/professional google account.  It is not "your" account.  It is owned/managed by Seymour Schools.
2. Fill out this Info Sheet.
3. Please solve a Google A Day.  Use your Google+ profile to log-in.  The site times you.  So move fast.  We will be learning how to search effectively throughout the year. 
4. Introduce yourself to the people around you.

5. Write yourself an email that will be delivered on June 1, 2014.  Use  Keep the post private.  Write yourself and completing the following questions "By June I hope to have learned..." "I think the most important aspect of communication is...."

6. Swearing is bad.  Please don't do it.

7. Read the class syllabus.

8. Create a dropbox account.  Take the Dropbox tour on the site.

9. Create an Evernote account.  Watch some videos about Evernote.
10.  Create a note in Evernote called "passwords".  Put your accounts, usernames, passwords in it.
11. Join the Google+ community "SHS-Web Applications".  I think I have to approve you.
12. Create a soundcloud account.  Follow "Brandt Schneider" and "Seymour High Music".
13. Did you put all your usernames and passwords in the Evernote note?

14. Scroll down in this blog and find work and assignments from previous classes going back 8 years (!!).

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