Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We will add video to our toolbox today.

Today you will produce a 28 second news broadcast about a famous childrens story. This segment must tell the viewer the "who, what, where, why, how" about the event. This will be challenging to do in 28 seconds. This is an opportunity to be creative and innovative.

Possible stories:
Humpty Dumpty

Of course, news can be biased. What headline will you choose? "Bears house vandalized!" "Blond girl seen fleeing through the woods!" Each headline tells a different story about the same event. This choice will drive your script and the choice of images that you include.

Steps for process:
1. Look at previous examples that students made.
2. Choose your headline. Write your script. Time the script, remembering that you will need a second or two on each end as a buffer. Make sure you have answered viewers questions (who, what, etc..). Finish your script with something like "This is John for Seymour High School news".
3. Choose your images (free and non-copyrighted) using clip-art, flickr or make your own. Some of you might think "out of the box" for a second and realize we dont need only pictures of Goldilocks or Humpty to tell this story but you could use more abstract pictures. Choose images that match your headline. Import images to moviemaker. Arrange images. Test movie with script.
4. Record script directly to moviemaker or use Audacity. You must use your own voice as the reporter.
5. Edit movie. Save movie file to your UDrive class folder by the end of class on Thursday.
6. Don't waste time searching for pictures. Seriously. Move fast.

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