Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Flash Work

Everyone should watch the markets today. Bumpy ride yesterday.

If you tried out Geni what do you think? Write a blog post.

I would like everyone to work on the following in Flash:

  • How to alter text (such as morphing, making it shiny or glittery)
  • How to make a slideshow (like a "powerpoint")
  • How to create a button (that can play/stop movie or slideshow)

Now, here is the interesting part---you decide how to learn about these items. Work with a partner? Look at the text based tutorials? Video based? Find a new source of information? I am interested to see what process you choose after yesterday's work.

If you didn't do yesterday's blog post about learning styles do it now. Please don't get in the habit of doing something late. Its not a good habit.

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