Thursday, October 09, 2008

Exam Grading

I am going to spend today (and probably tomorrow) grading exams. A few notes about the exam:

  • Overall, everyone did pretty well with the technical aspects of the exam. You can all make a page, add a picture, create a table, and include links. I am happy with this.
  • I think we can all do a better job of choosing tools that are available. I was surprised (shocked?) that nobody used a Voki. Do kids not like "cartoons" or sound?
  • Many of you are developing personal learning networks. Work on extending this network to students in other classes.
  • Most of you had the hardest time with focusing on a main idea. We will have to work on this more. I think we will move into video next as we tackle main ideas.

As you prepare your evaluation today please do the following:

  • Be specific and include evidence that you paid attention. Use web design words (audience, bias, usability, etc...).
  • Include links and 3D writing. Don't say "Danielle had the best site". Say "Danielle had the best site". (some of my favorites so far.....Dnickle, kbogen, tmorrow, zchristopher)
  • If you like someone's site leave a comment on their blog. Everyone likes a compliment.

If you are completely and totally done with looking at student work, revising your evaluations, or reflecting on your progress then please look back into the other blog posts for this week. There are some reading and viewing options for you to tackle.

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