Friday, October 03, 2008


Heille Gebrselassie is very fast. He won the Berlin Marathon and broke his own world record in a time of 2:03:59.

Let me break that down:

  • He averaged 4:43 per mile for 26 miles. If you ran from here in Seymour to Danbury High School that would be 26 miles.
  • Thats 70 seconds for every 400m (104 times in a row without stopping).
  • Or 17 seconds for every 100m.

That is moving.

I would like you to develop a website about this accomplishment. Click here for the assignment.

Your audience is 5th graders. What should your focus be? Where he is from, how fast he ran, how the marathon has changed, how hard he must train? Choose one focus.

This is your first test. Good luck.

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