Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well, it seems like I'm getting sick once per week.  I'm home today and will follow you from the web.

Please do the following today:

1. Finish your movie.  Save it as a project and save it as a movie file.  Ask your partner if you aren't sure.
2. Copy your movie file to the UDrive class folder for the movies.  Name it using our normal protocal of first initial-last name-assignment (bschneidergoldi).
3. Watch other movies in UDrive folders (all classes).

Answer the following questions on your blog:
1. Did you find the 28 second aspect a challenge?  Or did it help you focus on the story? Why?
2. Was MovieMaker easy or hard to use?  Be specific.
3. Who has the best movie on the UDrive?  Why? Answer this part Friday after all movies are in there.
4. Spend any remaining time leaving comments on people's blogs about their movies.  Follow the comment protocal and be positive.

I'm appointing the following people in each class as "Lords of the UDrive" while I am gone.  Your job is to make sure everyone knows how to save their project and answer any other questions.  Of course, anyone who wants to join the Lords can do so.  Its not an exclusive club.

Period 1: Jeff
Period 4: Caitlin/Chris
Period 5: Amber
Period 6: Tom
Period 7: Tyler 

Good luck and I will see you tomorrow (hopefully).  If you are the first person in class to read this make sure everybody else does.  Thanks!

On a side note:
Where will the Dow go today?


Tom S. said...

Mr. Schnider
When I was working on my project, i could not import my recording from audacity to windows movie maker. I said it didn't support the music file.
Tommy Saksa

Mr. Schneider said...

try saving as .wav file?