Monday, October 27, 2008

Quiz #1: Oberlin Site

Today we will do some grading.  Please have any missing work ready for me.  I will come around and check while you are working on the test.

If you don't finish this test during class you must finish this at home.  We will have a second test tomorrow.

These tests are designed to demonstrate that you have an understanding of the basic concepts that we have covered.

All classes will perform the same task:

You have been asked to beta test this new site for Oberlin College  (here is their current site). Please analyze the NEW site.  
  • Are the tools they employ effective?  Be specific.  
  • Who is their audience (prospective students, current students, alumni??).  Do they speak effectively to that audience?
  • What is their message?  Can you summarize this college in one sentence (Oberlin is a....) ?
  • Do you like the new site better?  Why?
You should limit your analysis to no more than five paragraphs.  Make it sound like you have taken this class.  Include links where needed. Post to your blog.

Yes, I am testing if you can think and write fast (and if you can use your personal learning network).  I will allow you to edit this from home.  But you MUST have it done before you arrive in class tomorrow.

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