Friday, October 10, 2008


Is this one of those moments in history? Like October 29, 1929 or December 7, 1941 or September 11, 2001. After each of these moments a new America emerged. But it was a messy process each time.

The stock market has lost 40% of its value this year. In October (and its only October 10!!) it has lost 20% alone. Credit markets have frozen. Most analysts called it a crash yesterday.

How does this effect you? Probably pretty seriously. It may be much harder to get a loan for college, car, house. Jobs will be scarce. The costs of goods will increase.

This is the headline from this morning. Will it change by this afternoon? Follow the news here. As of 7:00am stock futures were plunging. This story will be changing by the minute.

Today we will read and write about this situation. I feel we must. If we believe knowledge is power this is certainly a time to have more knowledge.

Choose one (or both) of these questions to answer in your blog. Be thoughtful, include links, and write clearly:

1. Will you be ready? Will you acquire the skills needed to operate in a global community? What skills will you need?

2. What are the web design concepts in play today? How is this information transmitted instantly and effectively? How does bias effect the news today? There is a huge need for information about news, companies, stocks. What systems would a web designer need to handle this type of pressure?

I believe this will be a challenging time. But it may also be a great opportunity for you to reshape America. Thomas Friedman believes that it is time for a Green Revolution. That we must as a country embrace green energy as the new industrial revolution. We must eliminate our reliance on foreign oil, drastically reduce our energy consumption, and change how we generate electricity. Most importantly we must rev up America's innovation engine and become the world leader in energy technology.

I think its time for us all to learn as fast as we can.

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