Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Tree

Last year I spent time working on my family tree. I found this website today. The usability of it is very, very high. I haven't completely tested it but it seems very fun and easy.

Something to work on in your own time. Might make a great present for a relative. Too often we give "stuff" that is easily forgotten. Working on this site could be a lasting gift.


Bob Armour said...

Lifesnapz.com is another site to check out. Capture and explore life events with photos, videos, timelines, maps and tags and share them with trusted groups like families, friends and classmates. Multiple people can contribute their information and recollection to an event. The event is then archived and a life record is built. Check it out, I'd love your feedback.

Bob Armour

Mr. Schneider said...

I checked lifesnapz out and it looks interesting. It does seem to be an easy way to archive information for a group. I would be interested to track how school use this.

I think geni has a different purpose.