Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Test: Part #2

Todays test will be about applying your knowledge in a modified work setting. Can you be a valuable member of a team?

Internet Literacy:

Click on the clustrmap. Notice the red dot just East of Africa and Madagascar? Where the heck is that?

Now....here is the test. Can you tell me where it is in an interesting way that gives me the basics about the place and the "feel" of the place?

You have several choices of tools that you can use (HTML website, movie, blog post, Voki, Flash, Fireworks). What tool will be the best for you and for this task?

We will discuss this in class. You will do this in groups. I will assign.

Web 2:

Recreate any aspect of Zac The Rat using Flash. You will do this with partners. I will assign.

Web 3:

Check out this Flash example. Make your own card. Impress me.

You will do this in pairs/groups. I will assign.

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