Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I have received a few notes that people are watching how our weebly site develops. Work hard!

Interviews are not an optional part of the project. You do your interviews and research before you begin your design. Remember I am evaluating your work each day as you work with your classmates and your engagement in the project. The final product is only 10% of your score. Check the rubric!

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Shadaab K. said...

Hi Mr. Schneider. I have posted the following message for the students on my blog, and I am posting it here too:
"Ok, well I have finished the majority of the main project index. I have four categories, each dealing with one of the four final questions. Everyone should go to the U Drive, WebSchneider, WEb2, Final Projects, and put their final projects in that folder. Please put your final project in that folder when you are done, so that I can put it into the index. Thank you. "