Monday, May 21, 2007


The second blog question is due on 5/22. I would also like you to check the rubric. Score your project at this point. What do you need to work on the most?

I added Mr. Sirowich to the faculty list for the Zero-Impact House question. Mr. Sirowich used to be an environmental engineer and might make an excellent interview.

Timing is everything. The NY Times Magazine has several articles on "Eco-Tecture" or green building. I include the link but I also have the hard copy on my desk if some of you need to get some good research. It has some amazing information.

Mrs. Deming has answered several questions on students blogs. Be sure to check them out. If Mrs. Deming answered a question on your blog please leave a link on the blogmeister so it can be shared and you can show evidence of collaboration.
You probably want to make your movies in Flash instead of Movie Maker. Its much more powerful. I am not sure how well movie maker files will integrate into Dreamweaver.
If you are a tech fair presenter and you haven't created your weebly site please do so today. I would like you to add a blog so we can leave comments on your site. Be sure to leave links back to your blogs, the SHS Blogspot, and the class assignment.
Finally, don't get slammed because you didn't use citations properly. No, you can't just take pictures off google. I will check your sources!! Everything must be cited.

I will be out the second half of the day for the NVL track meet. I think I will be doing curriculum work on Wednesday.

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