Thursday, May 17, 2007


The weeks are going by real fast.....

The next few days will be crazy. Many of you have prom obligations, we have 8th grade orientation, track meets, and I have curriculum work on Wednesday. I won't see some of you for one week.

But the deadline still looms. Having other obligations is not a reason to produce shoddy work. I expect your best work.

I hope this is not blocked: Making a professional website is getting incredibly easy and free. Of course this impacts this class. If software is becoming online, free, and incredibly easy we may value the coding aspect of design less. The value of being a good writer and visual communicator will become more and more important. The value of being able to write in three dimensions is definitely becoming more important.
OK>>>>We have been playing with weebly all day. Our presenting group (web 2.0, video, etc..) will definitely use this. See me for questions.

Now a lot of programmers hate programs like this. It doesn't code completely correctly. There are trade-offs as the software becomes more user-friendly. Will this become the industry standard? I doubt it. Something even easier will debut before we teach this class again next September.

Don't fall behind. The world is moving VERY fast.
I did a quick flash thing from the VA tech victims and put it in UDrive. Use it if you want.
And finally, here is the link to Mrs. Deming's page about her breast cancer walk. Read this before you write up her questions. In addition she has been answering questions on students blogs (Christina, Jackie, etc..).

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