Thursday, May 03, 2007

Final Project

Teaching a class for the first time is not easy. The main issue is pacing. I don't really know how long a unit will take and how many extra items to add for understanding. I do feel that we are finishing the year much stronger than how we started. All of you have improved on our three objectives: synthesize, summarize, solve.

Almost all of you have grades above 95 now. You are doing the work and doing it well. About 10 of you are not getting your work done. This is not acceptable. You know who you are. See me today and we can try to fix this the easy way. Otherwise.....

So what do we have left to do? We need to spend some time on Flash and Fireworks. We need to do our final project (this will be fairly large). We need to review for the final and take the final.

If you have ideas for the final exam and final project please add them to your blog. I would be interested to read them. If you took Web1 with me you probably have an idea where I am heading.

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