Monday, May 14, 2007


A few links that were posted yesterday and might apply to your projects:

From the Blogmeister:
New Schools in the UK: Britain is committed to rebuilding all schools in their country by 2020.

From Will Richardson:
Summary of our new technology: Very similar to our "write to your grandma" assignment.

From NBC News:
2017: NBC Nightly News did a series this week on how life will be like in ten years. Great timing!

If you find links people might use please post them on your blog and comment on the people doing that assignment.

As we start the project a few reminders. First, try to follow the steps in order. Do your research first and THEN interview your expert. It will make you look much smarter. Use the interview to clarify some of your research. Because you spend the time to research first the interviewee will be much more likely to enjoy the interview. Doing research will allow you to be much more specific and thought provoking in your questions.

Second, use the time to collaborate with all other people doing your question. Together work on questions that will be probing and interesting. Lets not have fifteen people ask Mrs. Deming the same question. That's boring for her. What questions will add the most value to your website? You can only know after you do some research and you know what holes you need to fill.

Good luck!

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Vinnie said...

Thank you for including a link to my site. The original can be found on my web site, I am interested to see what the student's reactions are to this project.