Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cool site

This Bobby McFerrin site is real cool. Have fun with making the music. Interactive/visual/informative. You might not have the skills to pull something like that together, but you can make your project interactive/visual/informative. The usability rating for this site is very, very high.

When you are home watch this youtube video. He is an absolute freak of nature. When he sings harmony (2 pitches at once) with himself I get a bit freaked out. He gave the absolute best concert I ever saw.


Durff said...

While it sounds like he is singing two parts at once, he is really only vocalising one note at any given moment. He has blended two parts, and very well might I add. I am enjoying this concert!!

Mr. Schneider said...

At the beginning it is one note at a time. Half way through he harmonizes, one throat tone and one vocal tone. I think he hits three notes at the end.