Thursday, September 14, 2006

Today we will start with the quiz. I will give you ten minutes to practice at the beginning of class. On all of these quiz situations there is a bit of trust involved. I ask that you put your papers away and only have the quiz open on your desktop. Don't begin until I ask you to.
Once the quiz is graded:
1. Read this article. Introduction to Web Accessability.

2. Create an MS Word document. Save it in Class Projects. Label it this way; first initial, last name, project (example: bschneideraccessability)

3. Answer the following questions:

List and summarize the major categories of disabilities. Find the link on the AIM site that describe each of the four disabilities.

Go back to the article. Read it without using your mouse. How did that change the experience?

Now turn your screen off. How would that change the experience?

What is our obligation to serve those with disabilities?

4. Save file. Be sure to cite your sources correctly. You will turn this in to me once I figure out the shared folder system.

5. I will post my rubrics on the shared folder once I figure that out. You will be graded on all the usual items (content, format, grammer, etc...).