Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here are the results of the survey. It looks like 80% of you do not like teacher lecture, so we are on the right track there. 90% of you are comfortable with the workload, which is great. And almost all of you feel you understand the basic concepts. I will work hard to incorporate more group projects (the current chapter is basically a group project as I see you all working together).

I will continue to give you an opportunit to give feedback. Go Yankees!

1. Are you comfortable with the instructors teaching style?
Very comfortable 10%
Pretty comfortable 38%
Kind of comfortable 34%
Not at all 17%

2. What is your favorite teaching style?
Teacher lecture 20%
Class projects 10%
Independent Learning 19%
Group Work 51%

3. Did you have enough time to finish all the assignments?
I had time to spare 6%
Just right 32%
I had to work fast to finish 56%
Well, I would have finished if I stopped talking... 6%

4. I am comfortable with the workload in this class
Very comfortable 7%
Pretty comfortable 40%
Kind of comfortable 43%
Not at all 10%

5. The Yankees will win the World Series
Of course 49%
No way 40%
Who are the Yankees? 12%

6. Do you feel comfortable explaining or recognizing concepts of bias, accessability, and usability?
Very comfortable 15%
Pretty comfortable 42%
Kind of comfortable 35%
Not at all 8%