Thursday, September 14, 2006

Notes on class

A few notes about the quiz....

Common sense: the classes that are quieter scored higher than those that are louder. They studied more and practiced more. If you did not receive an email about teacherease and your grades, and you would like to, please see me so we check your email address.

You do need to learn the vocabulary. If you need extra help or time, see me.

A few notes about the essay....

I do expect proper writing. I will grade you on the quality of your discussion, grammer, and your grasp of the concepts.

We must use proper citations. I am sure you work on this in your other classes. I include three links to help you here. MLA Citation Style MLA Handout and finally Noodletools (you want to use noodlebib express-then click on MLA). The noodletools website will do all of your work for you.

I remind you never to use copyrighted material without proper citations. I will google all of your work to check if you copied words or any pictures.

For now, please print out your essay. Make sure your name and period is on it. Later we will do everything electronically.

If you finish early and what to get ahead you can start reading and doing Project One in your textbook.