Monday, September 25, 2006

If you have turned in your missing work and taken the survey (see below) please start on Project One.

I give you several resources:
1. Textbook
2. I put a powerpoint in the U:Drive. (go to WebSchneider folder).
3. Learn it online.
4. Ask a question.

Please complete the following assignments:
1. Project One (Pizza site)
2. Lab 2 (HTM 1.40)
3. Lab 3 (HTM 1.41)
4. Learn it Online
5. Outline of chapter (major ideas and terms).

Some issues with the network:
1. Make sure your "My Documents" is in the W: drive
2. Save your work there, not on a floppy disk.
3. To view your files in html you must open the folder and click on the icon (the web address thing will not work).

Good luck. Ask if you need help. Work together.