Thursday, September 28, 2006


We will turn in our work for Project One today.

Please do the following:

1. Create a folder in your W:Drive. Label it with your full name.
2. Copy the following five files into the folder: pizza, Phi Kappa, About Me, weather, project1 outline.
3. Double check that there are five files in the folder.
4. Copy the whole folder into the appropriate folder in WebSchneider on the U:drive. For example, if you are in period one, please make sure that your folder is copied to Period One folder.
5. Exit out of all windows. Go to My Computer and double check that your files are in the U:Drive spot.

1. If you aren't done, finish.
2. If you are done, help people get done.

Project One Quiz (Learn it Online). No notes.

In your surveys 50% of you favored group work. Most of you ARE doing collaborative learning as you do this. I see many leaders stepping forward, which is great. I hope to do more collaborative projects next week.