Monday, September 11, 2006

This is the first post to our web design 1 webblog. You may be interested that I do need to know a fair amount of coding to format these blogs.

A few notes about me....I live in Southbury with my wife, Kasey, and my daughter Claudia. I just left Derby High School where I was working for ten years. You can read a little about my life as a music director by clicking here. I have been lucky to have been coach of many real fun and exciting track and XC teams, including seven state open team championships. I have a fairly extensive technology background, mainly delaing with handheld computers and their integration into the classroom. I have been lucky to present workshops around the state and country.

Today please try to print out your info sheet and give it to me (if the printers are hooked up). I would also like to check your introduction outlines. If you finish that please start working on "Learning it Online". Tomorrow, once my grade book is all set up, I hope to start the class projects. We will be working on bias, usability, and accessability first.

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