Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Today we will have a coding test.  If you have spent time in code avengers this should be no problem.

Please do the following first:  Create a folder in your W Drive.  Name it "HTML Files".  All your work will be in this folder.

For each web page you will do the following:
  • Open up a new page in the program Notepad
  • Create the HTML code.
  • Save the file using the .html extension
Using HTML tutorials or any other resource please complete the following tasks. 

1. Create a webpage titled "Web Apps". Add a heading and two paragraphs describing assignments you have already done (coding, blogging, etc.. ). Save as "webapps.html"

2. Create a biography webpage. Save as "biography.html". Include link to your blog. 

3. Show teacher when done.

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