Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Blogging: Wednesday Work

Choose three of the following to write a blog post.

1. Can you spot the liar?

2. What is your favorite infographic on this list?  Infographics are changing how we tell our stories.

3. Should the child have been at sea?  Take a position and defend it.

4. If you look up what you want to order for dinner will you be hacked?  How can you protect your system?

5. What is the top news story of the hour?  Right NOW.

6. Should students be allowed to wear Google Glasses?

7. Imagine you were studying the Civil War and found out that for entertainment kids of that time period spent hours a day playing games where they simulated killing people.  Now think about games that you play on the computer.  Will future society look kindly at us for spending hundreds of billions of dollars and games that simulate shooting people?

Each blog post must:

  • Be long enough to explain the topic.
  • Include your opinion and evidence.
  • Include a link.
  • One of the posts must include an embedded video.


1. Everyone prints out your summary screen from Code Avengers.   Must have 400pts.
2. Complete a Google a Day.  Add to spreadsheet.

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