Sunday, April 06, 2014


Challenge #1:  Create a one page resume and put in your google folder and print for teacher.  This is a TRADITIONAL resume.  Here are some tips.  Here is an example.  I will spend a lot of time on this assignment.  We will make infographic resumes shortly.

Some things to think about:
  • Use google doc to make notes and brainstorm about the resume.
  • List EVERYTHING you could possibly include.  Only include stuff you did in middle school if it is truly amazing (like winning a National Science Fair or something).
  • Follow the format, follow the format, follow the format.
  • Use active verbs.  Quantify everything:
    • Created and published movie review podcast that reached 75 listeners per day
    • Directed Hope Club recruitment plan that increased membership by 75%
    • Implemented lunch recycling plan that resulted in 35% reduction in cafeteria waste
Challenge #2:  Create an account in Meograph.  Create a meograph around one of the following:
  • Your family vacations.
  • Your favorite professional teams best season (Road to Victory...)
  • Battles of the Revolutionary War
  • Upcoming tour of your favorite singer/band
Challenge #3:  Using the app Hopscotch on the iPad code the app so:
  • Level 1: The monkey will travel in the correct direction when you tilt the ipad (up-down-left-right).
  • Level 2: The monkey will follow a maze that you design.
  • Level 3: The monkey needs to follow the maze you design or it will grow so big it explodes...
Challenge #4: Class work.
  • Complete the Google A Day.  You should have at least ten scores in your google a day spreadsheet.
  • All students should have scored at least 400pts on Code Avengers

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