Sunday, April 27, 2014


Start today with a Google A Day.

Then Draw a Stickman.  Wouldn't you like to learn how to do that?

You will create a one page website about your current class schedule. This website should include:
  • A title in the header code.
  • A clear heading on the page.
  • A list of classes (yes, there is a code for list)
  • A brief paragraph describing yourself (junior at Seymour High School, etc...)
  • Background color other than white.  Keep the color light (no bright red, black, etc...if you disagree go back and look at the bad websites)
If you do the above correctly the maximum you can score is 3/4.  You must do at least one of the extras to be able to score 4/4.
1. Can you include an image that you created?  Remember that the image must be in the same folder as the webpage.
2. Can you place the schedule in a table?

Be sure you code the first 8 code tags correctly.  Be sure you open and close your tags in the correct order. 
Save the file to your WDrive-HTML folder when done.

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