Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A/B Day Madness

We have 30 minutes.  Lets watch some videos.  Put on your headphones.

 I love this Arnold video. His movies were really big when I was in high school so that voice is iconic. He really, really believes what he is saying.  That last line is classic.

If you watch this TED talk watch it from the beginning and do not skim forward! Its freaky amazing. 

I've watched this 100 times. Still funny. 

Funny Ellen moments.

Additional work:

  • Do some wikipedia edits.  Check out the SHS page.  Perhaps there is too much information there does not quite fit wikipedia's guidelines.  We can also organize it better.
  • Google a Day.  Keep practicing.
  • Read this story about caffeine drinks.  Also, I'm pretty sure any type of soda or fruit drink may shorten your life.
  • This review in the NYTimes of Guy Fierri's new restaurant .  It is very, very harsh.
  • If you did all that check out some of my favorite videos.  Be sure to have headphones on.

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