Thursday, April 03, 2014

Blog Writing

1. Update your blog with any missing assignments.  Post any entries to Google+.

2. Analyze the red dots on your clustrmap on your blog.  

  • Please write a short blog entry about your audience.  
  • You can also go to blogger and look at your stats to see which blog posts got read, and by whom. 

3. Play with Google Story Builder.  

  • Figure out how to construct a story and use the tool.
  • Embed your story on your blog.
  • Post to Google+
4. Evaluate the Build with Chrome website.  Obviously you need to be on Chrome for your browser.
  • Is this just a game, or does virtual reality act as a teaching tool?
  • Notice you can search for an address.  Can you build your house, or Seymour HS, or Yankee Stadium?  Thats just an example.  
  • Post a blog entry, be sure to include link.
  • Post to Google+
Please remember, I give you these examples so you can practice writing online.  Please continue to improve your blog entries.

Does your blog post:
  • Include links for anything that should be linked?
  • Writing that is clear, free of errors, and inviting to the reader?
  • Include videos and images where appropriate?
Everyone should have three blog entries posted today.

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