Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Website Project

We are entering the "weird period" of school.  Today is a big field trip, we have AP tests, Thursday all juniors are at Take a Stand Day, Friday is the Prom, etc... Consequently attendance in class will be spotty.  If you are out don't use it as an excuse.  Just get the work done.  If you are here and "done" find something to work on and learn.  There is plenty to do.

Web 2/3 will complete the project today.  Copy folder to "FINAL COPY" in Udrive folder.  At the beginning of the project we created "index1", "index2", etc... If some of those are dead pages be sure to delete them.  Be careful that you delete the correct ones.

Tomorrow we will check each project then grade them.

Found this today.  You can trade virtual money on the Swine Flu market.

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