Friday, May 22, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

Can you tell a story with graphics?  Check out Tomas Nilssons work on Little Red Riding Hood.  Use your headphones.  Now, I checked this morning and this will play for you but you may have to click the video box a few times.

None of this is technically that difficult.  None of the techniques are out of reach for you.  You will recognize tweens, layers, etc... But the story and the recognition of audience is impressive.  Nothing of the story is changed.  However, notice he did not retell the story, he reshaped the story.  

Blog post today:
1. Briefly review the movie for your readers.  Include link to movie.
2. Provide a brief technical discussion about his techniques.  How did he make this?
3. Did you like it?  Why or why not?

All projects are due today.  If you need a new grade report please check edline or let me know and I can print one out.  If you have been out or have not done the reading for the past few days then you have some homework.

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