Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Memorial Flash

If you complete the Memorial Day Fireworks poster please start working on a Flash animation.  This animation should do the following:

  • Have the same screen size as your poster (300x600).
  • Include the words "Memorial Day" in the animation.
  • Keep it really short (5-10 seconds).  I also can't see how you could make this without sound.  Maybe you surprise me.
  • The animation should celebrate the holiday.
This is an opportunity to be creative.  Save into same folder (MemorialDayposter) in Udrive.

A few notes:
  • Make sure you save posters as .jpg when done and export Flash movies.  Thats what we want to see in UDrive.
  • Keep it simple!!
  • Be sure your poster/animation is the correct size.

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