Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I will be leaving after Period 4 for the NVL track meet.

Web 4:
Please evaluate your school project today in a blog post. Each group showed some good points in their final project. Now, there were many days absent but that was a given for this project that we discussed right from the beginning.
  • Could you have been more efficient and effective in creating these sites (of course!)? How?
  • What did you learn? What would you differently if starting over?
  • Who has the best project? Why?
All (including Web 4):
Kayla, Lance, and Chelsea are teacher students from the Dean Shareski's class at the University of Regina that are following us as part of their class in Educational Technology. Take some time to read their blogs (and leave comment??). I thought it might be an opportunity to learn something about Canada and practice our Google skills. As you write your answers be sure to include links where it is appropriate! I encourage you to work together to solve these questions. If you can't find the answer describe how you tried to solve it.

Answer at least six of the questions (I am adding more throughout the day).  Show your work (links, math, etc...):
  • If Dean lives in Moose Jaw where would he have to drive to watch Star Trek this weekend? 
  • What huge event is Canada hosting this winter?
  • What is the #1 TV show in Canada this season?
  • Would you say "hello" or "bon jour" if you saw a friend on the street in Canada? Does it depend where you live in Canada?
  • How many days this winter was Regina's high temperature below freezing? Compare to Seymour.
  • Lance has $10 in Canadian dollars. Can he buy a ticket to Star Trek?
  • What is a province? Is it the same as a state?
  • What is the best golf course in Canada?  Who says?

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