Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random reading

Web 2/3 will continue their Memorial Day work today.  Web 4 project is due tomorrow.

A few things from the news:
  • Will your textbook soon be on a kindle?  Or Palm? Or iPhone?  Is it already?  How much would you love not to carry that heavy Biology book around?
  • Flu update. 
  • Kayla and Lance are students in Canada that are studying to become teachers.  They are in Mr. Shareski's class.  They will be working with us over the next few weeks.  They will work on lessons, comment on blogs, and hopefully give us some insights about the Great White North.  If you see something of interest on their blog be sure to leave a comment (first name-last initial, URL of your blog, email).  Also check your blog occasionally to respond to comments they might leave.  
  • In case you missed it.  Do the work.
  • Anything else to discuss?

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