Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yom Hashoah

Yom Hashoah
My winners so far: KGargano's poster, AGrose website, PCorkery's podcast, and AGriffing's Flash.

A few thoughts:
1. Some of you coasted through this.  Don't do that.  Your work should reflect the time we have spent in class.
2. I think the fade in/out slideshow in Flash is becoming a bit of a cliche since so many of you are using it.
3. Do not neglect your blog posts.  This is what the world reads about you.  Be sure to link to the assignment and describe it accurately.  If a job interviewer googled your name what would you want them to read? 

Today and Friday we will work on Flash or Fireworks tutorials.  You need to complete at least four tutorials including at least one of each.  Remember that the tutorials might not match your version of the software.  I encourage you to find your own tutorials if you so choose and I hope you work with a partner.  I will grade that you completed the tutorials first thing Monday.

3. List of tutorials (choose one or all)

1. List of tutorials (choose one or all)
2. Another list (choose one or all)

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