Thursday, April 02, 2009

Exam Review

We will talk more about your exam tomorrow.  Several of your classmates may be making up the exam today--keep the room quiet for them please.

The rubric for the exam pretty much worked.  Class averages were all around 3.0 out of 4.  So overall we did pretty well on the exam.  There were five 4's that I graded.  In general you demonstrated an improved use of images and a much improved layout design.  Check your pizza sites from the first week to compare.  If you had trouble it was usually because you tried to do too much.  Keep it simple!!

There are a handful of you who struggled.  I urge you to find the time for extra practice, either with a partner or with me.  

Take time to look through the UDrive.  Which website do you think would sell the most product?  Why?  

If you completed the exam here are today's options (you must do one or all):
1. Work on the blogging challenge.  Make new posts or comments.  Improve past articles (check typos!).
2. Improve your exam website.  Ask me or a partner what you should change or improve.  This would be great practice and similar to what a client would offer. 
3. Complete additional Flash or Fireworks tutorials to improve your skills.
4. Review some HTML and play around with Tables.  This might have really helped some of your exams.
5. Research your family tree using Geni and Familysearch.

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