Thursday, April 30, 2009


Web 2/3:

Some news as of 6:30am:
Today you will work in teams to create a short video.   This video is designed as a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to reduce the threat of a pandemic.  Your video must:
  • Be 28 seconds long.  
  • Include a voice-over.
  • Outline steps to reduce the threat of disease (wash hands, etc..).
  • Audience is high school students.
  • Be completed using Moviemaker.
  • Save to Udrive-WebSchneider-PSA Projects-PSAMovies when done with names (CassBobJaneflumovie).  Be sure to Export movie for the Udrive.
  • Due end of class on Friday.  Work fast.
I put some old examples of PSA movies in the "Sample Movies" folder.

Web 4:

You will use the next 2-3 days to complete three sample designs for an opening page.  This should include all the basics from your concept map, but it will be only a sketch of the final site. Your client (me? Chuck?) will then choose the design that you will use.  You should:
  • Create a SHS School site (can this be shared from Udrive??).
  • Include image boxes where movies might go.
  • Be as accurate as possible with basic design, color, font, but don't fret with the details (emails, links, etc...).
  • You only need to create the initial page (index1, index2, index3).
  • Be prepared to outline the strengths of each design.  You want to highlight your team so all designs should strong.
  • It might be smart to mirror some of the "awesome sites" we have looked at.....
Mr. Skiparis gave us all of the yearbook pictures.  We will spend some time today culling out the pictures we want.

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