Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Replicate Project

I got the impression that yesterday many of you unlocked the key to your Flash puzzles.  I saw many leaders stepping forward to help classmates which was great.  Notice there are many project-drafts in the UDrive.  

Please recognize that I really don't care what you learn.  I care how you learn.  Develop your personal learning network so when puzzles pop up you have a method to solve them.  Keep your learning transparent by posting to your network (blog, twitter, Udrive) what you learned.  If we share our knowledge we will be much stronger.  As evidence of this you should check some people's clustrmaps.  How can you use your readers to help you learn??  If you have readers in Lebanon or Kenya, or Denmark does this change how you learn and share?

So a few keys to the puzzles?  If you have more to add do so on your blog.
  • Flower: I can't see a way around doing frame to frame animation.  Any other solutions?
  • Body: A whole bunch of movie clips for each body part.
  • Birthday card: Stop action with movie clips.  Then a tween to the next scene.
  • Bouncing balls: A whole bunch of motion tweens.

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