Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Complete your Flash replication today.  Don't worry if it is not done or perfect.  Be sure to save both the Flash document and export the movie to your folder.  Then copy the folder to the Udrive as normal.

Please complete this blog post today, either in class or at home.  Your grade for the project will be a combination of me looking at the Flash movie, evaluating your blog post analysis, and classroom observations.
1. What are three skills or techniques you developed or improved during this project (tweening, movie clips, buttons, collaborating with classmates, etc...)?
2. Did you do a good job?  What went right? What went wrong?  
3. If you started over would you tackle the problem differently?
4. Did any student, tutorial, or other part of your network assist you? How? Or....did you show assistance to others?  How?
Overall, I am really impressed by your work.  This wasn't easy.

This just in from the BlogMeister David Warlick:

“In maintaining a Facebook (Myspace, Beebo, etc.) presence, what do you strive to accomplish? What is your measure of success?”

Can we answer in our blogs?

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