Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Evaluating Sources

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Web 2/3:

You will continue your research today.  You must complete this blog post today.
  • List three sources that you trust in separate paragraphs.  Include link.  Why do you trust them?  Include at least one valuable fact from each source.
  • Has the story grown or diminished in the past 24 hours?  How can you tell?  Try using google trends.
  • What is something we as a school should be doing RIGHT NOW to prepare for the possibility of the flu spreading to Connecticut?  Think hard.
Web 4:

Blog post questions:
  • List each stakeholder (student, family/parent, staff, community, random search) in a separate paragraph.  What information is each stakeholder looking for if they visit a school website?
  • Colleges and private schools use websites to attract students.  How does the issue of recruitment change a website?  How does the website balance this while still serving their current population's information needs?
  • Could some of the same recruitment strategies help a website for a standard public school like ours?

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