Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TED Talks and Writing Effectively

I am on a field trip to WCSU today to rehearse iAlchemy.  I am eager to see what you write about these subjects.  There is plenty to write about! This is your first grade of the fourth marking period.  Write well!

Today's objective is to write three blog posts about these TED talks.  I would like to see that you can:

You must write about THREE of the videos.  This should take you just about exactly 85 minutes.

1. Keith Barry.  This will blow your mind.  How is brain magic different than regular magic?

2. David Blaine.  Is he crazy, or determined?

3. Robert Lang and his origami.  Why has origami changed?

4. Bryan Stevenson and injustice.  Reflect on the connection between this talk and the Trayvon Martin case.

And a few extras if you have time:

Rives 1, Rives 2  This guy is a great storyteller.

If anything does not work or is blocked please use google to search for the video.  Make it happen.

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