Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HTML and Fireworks Exam

Here is your marking period exam.  This is worth 20% of your grade and is due by the end of class.

Please prepare an HTML website using notepad about the October Snowfall.  I am looking to see that you can use your new Fireworks talents to enhance your website.  The site should include:
1. Create a website using HTML that demonstrates the following:
  • That you can use proper HTML codes.  
  • You can create links that work, are effective, and efficient.
  • You demonstrate attention to those with vision issues by including alt text for all images.
  • A modern, usable design.
2. You must include a table or other device that shows how this snowfall ranks all-time. Cite where you obtain your data.
3. You must include an image or animation that has been manipulated using Fireworks. This image must be obtained using Creative Commons (Flickr,wikicommons, etc...). You may create the image yourself if you choose.  Save the link, you'll need it later.
4. A summary paragraph.  You must include at least one link to valuable information about the storm.
5. Your audience is 5th graders in Seymour.
6. Your website must be free of bias and be highly usable.

How to save your project:
1. Rename your folder in the WDrive. Name it first initial-last name-test (bschneidertest).
2. Copy folder.
3. Find class folder in UDrive. (Udrive-WebSchneider-Class-TEST)
4. Paste folder into UDrive.
5. HAVE NEIGHBOUR TEST WORK TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING WORKS!! Format the links correctly! Remember, just use the file name (don't add w;drive in code....).

6. Saving correctly is one of our standards.  I will not grade your test if I can't find it!

Blog Post:
1. Where did you get the image?  Include link.  If you created it yourself then please state that.
2. What aspects of coding or image manipulation have you gotten better at?
3. How did you manipulate your image in Fireworks?
4. What do you need to improve on?

Website 80%, Blog Reflection 20%


You have two things due.  Test and Blog post about test.  The bell is your deadline.  Do GREAT work.

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