Thursday, March 01, 2012

Fireworks Continued

Today we will continue the Fireworks Tutorials.  This is sandbox time.  Please complete 8 tutorials today and have the completed products in your Fireworks folder.  Now, some of these might not work perfectly as the software has changed.  If somethings not working, please substitute another tutorial.  Take your time and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.

Some of these will be blocked.....
1. List of tutorials (choose one or all)
2. Another list (choose one or all)

3. More tutorials (have fun!)
You should have 13 examples of images tutorials by the end of class today.  This will be the end of sandbox time, we will start our projects on Tuesday.
In addition, I believe our blogs are opened.  I would like you to take some of your saved work (usability questions, web analysis letter to Mrs. Goodrich, etc...) and put that content on your blog.    This will involve some copy and paste.  Be sure to work on your links and include interesting titles.
Plenty to do today.  There should be no down time.

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