Monday, March 19, 2012


I am in Manchester to today visiting their high school.  Please ensure your FINAL copies of your folders are saved correctly to the UDrive.

Please complete the following activities today.  Each activity has a corresponding blog question that should be answered in separate blog posts.  If you do not finish in class then you have homework.

You MUST include link to the topic in your blog entry.  It should be formatted correctly! If needed then a video should be embedded to your blog.  Create blog entries that people will want to read.  Tell a story!

I will try to approve your blogs during the day, but I'm not sure I will be able to check.

Answer 5 of the 6 questions.

1. Draw A Stickman.  Do the new story (you did the first one in January).  Why does this work?  How does it keep you on the page?

2. Read this: Facebook/Twitter Shoulder-surfing.  Are you prepared to have a college interviewer have you log in to your Twitter or Facebook page?  What you write on the internet or text is there for ever.  Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is public.

3. Watch this video about green men.  Would you do that?

4. Watch this video about an escalator.  Do you know people who are like that?  Someone who just will not walk up the escalator?

5. Should students wear pajamas and slippers to school?  Are they sloppy/lazy or are they just being comfortable?  Take a side.  Where is NOT ok to wear pajamas and slippers?

6. Do teens who text 100's of times per day have a need for attention?  Or do they have a lot to say and people are listening?  Take a side.

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