Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where in the world is that red dot?

This week we only have one web design period.  Some of you will read this on Wednesday, some on Friday.

All students should complete two assignments today.  Everyone must finish the 4 page website during class.  Then students will complete the blog post.  If you do not finish the blog post it must be finished for homework.  Remember, you can post to your blog from any computer or phone.


  1. Please check that you have completed all requirements of the assignment.
  2. When done RENAME your folder.  Rename with your first initial, last name and the assignment (bschneider4page).
  3. COPY the folder to the UDrive-Webschneider.  Find your folder for your class.  Find the 4 page folder.  PASTE your folder into the 4 page folder.  Have a partner check that all the links work (trust me--check this).
Blog Post:
clustrmap.png  on Aviary

See that red dot in the middle of nowhere?  Where is that?  What do they do there?  What language do they speak, etc...?  Write a blog post and tell me about them.  Include links.

Extras: if you have extra time here are some prompts for blog posts.  Choose one (or all) and write a post.  Be sure to link to the source.

  1. Why do we conform? Check out this Candid Camera video.
  2. How cool is this cathedral?
  3. Who is your favorite group on The Sing-Off?

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